About Scraps

The Environmental Impact

Did you know that garbage trucks are the second biggest pollutant on the roads, coming in after only eighteen wheelers? A fully loaded industrial garbage truck can have the same impact on a road as up to 4,000 automobiles making the same trip! All that wear and tear on the roads costs the tax payers millions of dollars every year in road repairs, not even counting the emissions, the multiple sets of tires every year, the leaks, and... well, you get the idea. All of those things are just some of the reasons why Scraps trash pickup service in York County opted for the more old fashioned approach of a truck and a trailer. No, we can't take as much at once; but we carry less weight more evenly distributed over a larger area, and we make a much smaller carbon footprint!

 The Convenient Experience

We have great quarterly rates, a set and reliable schedule, and customer service for trash removal in South Carolina, that is second to none. We also have a few things our competitors don't.. Don't you hate it when the garbage service truck comes rumbling through your neighborhood at 6am, siren going off as it backs up to your trash can, rudely waking you up a good thirty minutes before your alarm goes off?? Well, we hate that too- That's yet another reason we use a truck and a trailer instead of that giant, noisy garbage service truck. Sure, it is more work for us; but it is more sleep for you! We also know the struggle is real when it comes to rolling that can out to the curb the night before your garbage service in SC - you're tired, you got home late, and just want to relax in the easy chair.. That's why door step trash service is the standard at Scraps, not an extra fee. Just place your trash in the approved container at the location most convenient for you, and we will do all the rest- no need to drag the heavy can to the curb any more! Our mission is simple- 

Provide unparalleled customer service at an affordable rate, while meeting your needs in whatever way is most convenient for YOU